Course Curriculum

This course is an immersive herbal medicine experience that gives you the tools to create effective lifestyle changes to reduce the impact of hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in Black communities. We are 40% more likely to develop heart disease than any other ethnicity. Through The Cost of Love Herbal Series, we'll uncover the roots to the development of heart disease while recentering our relationship with ourselves, herbs, and nutrition.

  • Herbal Medicine Kit

    20 Herbs & Tools

    Your enrollment includes an extensive herbal medicine kit with 20 powerful herbs and tools to create intentional effective medicine right at home!

  • 12 Hours of Live Class Gatherings

    Community-centered Experience

    Live classes will be conducted for diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension, with each disease covered in two 2-hour sessions, totaling 4 hours of instruction per condition. Our live classes are interactive, with the opportunity to participate in group discussions, meet other members of the Awakening the Roots Community, and create herbal medicine.

  • Love is a Frequency

    The Medicine In You

    While plants and nutrition serve as catalysts for managing heart disease, the relationship we have with ourselves serves as the cornerstone to optimum wellness. Our path includes journaling prompts, rituals, and self-assessments to activate the medicine within.

Also Included

  • Knowing Your Numbers

    Gain an understanding of your lab work to identify when and if your bloodwork is signaling transitions in your health. With this information, you'll be empowered to create changes to improve your wellness.

  • Herbs & Nutrition Guidance

    Receive a free 30 minute consultation and individualized wellness plan to jumpstart your pathway to improved heart health!

  • Resource Guide

    Download The Cost of Love Herbal Series E-book full of recipes, materia medica, emergency preparedness, monitoring & tracking tools, additional resources, and support services.

Class Begins June 10, 2024

Limited spots available! We meet on Mondays for 6 weeks at 7 p.m. EST

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  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for individuals and herbalist who are managing or supporting other with cardiovascular health related to Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cholesterol.

  • What's included in enrollment?

    Enrollment into The Cost of Love Herbal Series includes, weekly live class, unlimited access to class information and our Rooted Living Herbal Community, and an Herbal Medicine Kit.

  • When does class meet?

    We will gather every Monday, virtually from 7 - 9 p.m. EST, beginning June 10, 2024 - July 15, 2024. A zoom link will be available in the classroom and sent in frequent reminder emails.

  • Do I need any prior experience or knowledge in herbalism or nutrition to enroll in the course?

    No prior experience is necessary to enroll in The Cost of Love Herbal Series. The program is designed to accommodate individuals at all levels, from beginners to those with some background in herbalism or nutrition. Our aim is to provide accessible and empowering education for all participants.


Jennifer West


Greetings Family! I am Jen! Your community-centered Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Hypnotherapist! I am the founder of Plant Mama Alchemy & the Awakening the Roots School of Intentional Medicine! For the past 10 years, I have dedicated my life to serving holistic wellness to marginalized communities including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Reentry, and Recovery. I look forward to walking with you on your journey back home, into yourself!